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"Over the last 6 months I’ve had two acute injuries and one chronic injury that Beck has treated with amazing success, reducing recovering time, well-being and enabling me to get back on the bike and race hard. We’ve since started working on more performance oriented treatments which is helping my racing, as I’ve notched multiple personal records and numerous podiums" -JW

"Acupuncture therapy. Whatever it takes" -Kobe Bryant via Twitter

“It’s those little extra details that can help us,” Vincenzo Nibali, 2014 winner of the Tour de France said when he was asked about his acupuncture treatments. “Maybe now others will also use this techniques" - Wall Street Journal

“I have had a "knot" in my shoulder/neck for years.  After only a few treatments, the muscle has relaxed and I don't have the discomfort I had before” - CD

“I had severe leg pain due to spondylolisthesis in my back.  I eventually required surgery.  However, acupuncture with Beck relieved my pain more than any other treatment including therapy, medications, and injections” - JG  

“Beck, best run and workout of the summer! Thanks for the magic touch” - GP

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"I had continual lower back, knee and neck issues. Within the same or next day I experienced a relief in my normal pain which continues until my next life stressor seems to set something off. I have been grateful to try this almost meditative, non RX strategy, and am so glad I've located someone who is so intuitive, humble, and very experienced in her chosen field" -AS

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The use of acupuncture in the treatment of sports injuries and pain is not a modern phenomena. In fact, the origins of Chinese medicine coincided with the development of martial arts thousands of years ago. Having the ability to heal was part of the moral code of the Chinese warrior. Modern orthopedic acupuncture builds upon this application by incorporating western medical principles and assessment. 

During treatment orthopedic and manual muscle testing is used to access the exact location of pain, muscle imbalance or joint dysfunction. Using a unique selection of points, this style of acupuncture can “reset” and strengthen muscles rendered dysfunctional or weak due to repetitive stress, injury or postural inefficiency. Compromised joint spaces and sprained or partially torn ligaments are also addressed by using precise local needling. The needles create micro-stimulation reorganizing tissue and encouraging blood flow in the compromised structure to encourage healing. Due to the careful selection of anatomically significant points, treatments are non-invasive and highly affective.


  • Neck Pain/ Shoulder Pain: Rotator cuff problems, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, acromial-clavicular (AC) joint separation, bicep tendonitis, glenohumoral joint dysfunction, general tension in the neck and shoulder.

  • Elbow Pain/ Wrist Pain: Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s or climbers elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Hip Pain/ Lower Back Pain: Sciatic pain, sacral illiac (SI) joint disfunction, hip arthritis, trochanteric bursitis, sacrotuberus ligament sprain.

  • Upper Leg Pain: Strains related to the hamstring or quadricep groups. 

  • Knee Pain: Ilio-tibial band syndrome, injury to MCL, degenerative arthritis, patella tendonitis, patella-femoral joint dysfunction.

  • Lower Leg Pain: Achilles tendonitis, achilles bursitis, anterior and medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints).

  • Heal Pain/ Foot Pain: Plantar faciitis, ankle sprains, pain of the MTP joint, metatarsal neuroma.

  • Post surgery recovery

  • Most broken bones, ligament sprains and muscle strains. ​


Whether a weekend warrior or competing at an elite level acupuncture can help you get the most from your training. Benefits include increased energy and a quicker recovery after high intensity training or competition. Relax stressed muscles, improve postural alignment and address minor strains or sprains before they inhibit training by adding acupuncture to your training regime.